Mike O’Shay’s Restaurant Review

My family and I normally enjoy eating out on the weekends. I was nervous eating out the first weekend I had changed to a gluten free diet. I looked online for restaurant that offered gluten free dishes. The first one that caught my eye was Mike O’Shay’s.

Mike O’Shay’s is located in Old Town Longmont, Colorado. It is situated among shops, historical landmarks and other restaurants.

As we entered the restaurant, I noticed the Irish decor and dark, rich colors. Very cozy. We were taken to a table promptly and given menus. It was enjoyable looking at all the Irish themed signs and pictures on the walls while we waited for our food.

We have eaten at Mike OShay’s twice. Each time I ordered a different gluten free dish. The first time I ordered the chicken fried chicken. The chicken was a bit dry around the edges but tender everywhere else. The gluten free breading was very tasty. The mashed potatoes were creamy and delicious… they were the highlight of my meal. Hubby (who is not gluten free) ordered a hamburger which he said was very tasty.


The second visit, we were more familiar with the menu so we ordered different dishes. Hubby ordered typical Irish food,  a Ruben sandwich, and asked if he could have mashed potatoes for his side dish.  I ordered the Cabo Tacos with steak which were gluten free. The tacos were wonderfully messy. The cabbage on the tacos was delicious with the avocado crema. A few pieces of the steak were a bit tough but it didn’t distract from the overall taste. Our second visit we ordered the potato skins for our appetizer. They were hot and cheesy… perfect.


Both visits we ordered cheesecake for dessert. The first time we ordered mint and the second time smores. Both of them were rich and delightful.  I just skipped the crust.

Both visits our servers were friendly and helpful. The first visit, they brought my husband the wrong drink but made it right immediately.  I was not familiar with the gluten free options but the waiter was happy to point out their gluten free (GF) symbol on the menu.

The gluten free food options were comparably priced with the rest of the food on the menu. It was nice to not pay extra for my special dietary needs.

I highly recommend Mike O’Shay’s restaurant. The delicious food, the wonderful atmosphere and the gluten free options made eating out a delightful experience. We will eat at Mike O’Shays again. I give this restaurant 3 1/2 stars.

Mike O’ Shay’s (click the link to see the restaurant’s website). 



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  1. Carrie, this is fun reading!! You have done a great job with photos and the restaurant review was well covered. Made me want to go there!

    I hope you’ll get lots of hits. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!!

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