A Quick Closet Solution

We immediately noticed something about Kiddo’s room when we moved in… it didn’t have a closet door.  All the other closets in the house have doors…

We looked at get a new sliding door as there is old hardware on the ceiling for one.  We looked at building a sliding “barn” door.  All of them had large price tags on them.  We needed a solution that didn’t cost us a lot.

I kept seeing curtain hung over closets on Pinterest.  I decided to give it a try.

We bought a narrow panel and a short curtain rod.  Hubby did the quick installation and this is how it turned out.


We were lucky to find a panel that had grommets.  I really like those.  The curtain rod fit great in the small space.  We had to get a modified wall bracket since it meets up with a wall.  In the fall when I deep clean Kiddo’s room, I will take down the curtain and and give it a good ironing.  We were very anxious to see how it would look as a “closet door”.   The answer:  GREAT!!!

Now Kiddos’ clothes and sporting equipment is hidden away and his room look a bit more polished.  Btw, the blue laundry basket by the closet is new as well.  We found it at our local home improvement store on sale as we were heading to the register.  Kiddo needed an “adult sized” basket for his “adult sized clothes.  They end up on the floor less now… Cool!!


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