About Me

Hi! I’m Carrie Merth.  

I loved all things domestic at an early age. I would bake and cook with my grandma as early as 3 years old.   I was usually covered in flour when we were done.  I helped garden in the spring and summer.  The best part was  getting dirt all over my clothes.  When I wasn’t getting dirty and causing my grandmother to say things under her breath, I was learning to sew.  My grandmother and I made beautiful quilts, aprons and dresses.   Despite my grandmother’s pleadings, I also learned to play baseball and went fishing.   I was tilted at an early age.

Fast forward over 30 years, I am the mom of a teenaged boy and 2 beagles. I am married to my best friend (I am not just say that… it is really true).  We enjoy gardening and antiquing together on the weekends. Most people tolerate cleaning.  I love it.  The cooking lessons from my grandmother have stuck with me. The best part of the day is to cook a meal and watching my family eat it.  Best way to bless them and.. warm my heart.

I am Italian…. I love food…  cooking and eating it. My “momming” is very Italian…. “Are you hungry? Are you sure you aren’t hungry?  Do you want seconds or thirds? Will you eat when you get there?”  My teenaged son just rolls his eyes and mumbles under his breath at me.  He loves me.   Eating out and exploring new food is a great adventure.   When I was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, I first thought my world was going to grow dark and boring.  Instead, I decided to see it as a new adventure and a fun  challenge.

In my spare time, I like to sew quilts, knit all sorts of projects, embroider kitchen towels and redecorate my home.  We are in the midst of upgrading, re-decorating and sprucing up an old house.  I will be sharing our adventures.


Welcome to the Tilted Italian!