Barbecue Chicken in the Crockpot

This recipe has 3 ingredients… how easy is that!!!

Start with 4-6 breasts of chicken.  Pour a generous amount of your favorite barbecue sauce over the chicken. Add about 1/4 cup of white vinegar.  Gently stir the sauce.  Cover the chicken with the sauce, the best you can.

Turn the crockpot on high and let it cook for about 4 hours.  At the 4 hour mark start checking on the chicken.  If the breasts are small, it might be done at this point. Larger breasts will take 6 hours.

One breast is already gone.

Chicken should just about  fall apart at this point.

Eat the chicken with your favorite fixings. We like to eat ours either on bread or poured over rice.


The chicken is savory and extremely tender.  Great for leftovers. Excellent for busy work/school nights and for parties (in larger quantities).


This recipe is an original creation.

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