Breakfast Nook in Progress

Our breakfast nook was a largely unused space.  We had our old kitchen table in the space but the chairs were the wrong height and the table was just collecting dust.



I moved the stools to the kitchen ledge. They works so much better in this space.  Yes,  the cupboards open on both sides.  We can get dishes out from the breakfast nook side.

The sewing machine is now there the bistro table used to be. It is a very sunny corner in the late morning and early afternoons… perfect for sewing.

The dog got moved to this space as well.  They like hanging out with me while I sew.  

The walls still look bare and “unfinished”.  I will do something about that between now and Christmas.  The tea set needs a new home.  I am so afraid of “bonking” it while I sew.

Daisy and Penny (our beagles) changed sleeping places while I took these pictures.  This do this numerous times through out the day.

I am pleased that this space is used more.  It just needs some fine tuning.  I am off to Pinterest to keep looking for ideas.


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