Christmas Tour– Living Room and Dining Room

I decided to break up my Christmas decor tour into two days.  Today is the living room and dining room.  Friday will be the rest of the house.  The living room and dining room are the heavily decorated rooms.


This is  looking into the living room from the kitchen.  It is fun every year to get out the Christmas dishes.


I have been keeping the sewing machine busy the past few weeks.  In the afternoons the sun shines in and warms the space.   We had to keep the tree somewhat inaccessible to the dogs.  The reading corner was the best place.  We have a pup who likes to eat ornaments.  


Our Kiddo commented the other day that we have lots of the color red in our house with the Christmas decorations up.  I guess it never dawned on me.  He is so right.  I love it!!

Now on to the dining room.

I already decorate with quite a bit red in the this space so… it was just a matter of adding some garlands and add a few Christmas touches.



The dish shelf was fun to jazz up.  Ribbons, mini mercury ornaments (on the third shelf) and a small Christmas cheese knife (5th shelf).


Here is how things look at night.




I love the house at Christmas.  So cozy. So festive.  We have enjoyed sitting in the living room in the evenings and watching movies together with the tree glowing.  This will be the last year that Kiddo will be home to enjoy the full month of December with us. He will be off at college next year.  We are enjoying each and every moment… of this year.


Check back tomorrow for a Christmas cookie recipe and Friday for the rest of the house.


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