Cleaning a Counter Top Mixer

I have officially finished baking all the cookies for Christmas.  My counter top mixer has gotten quite the work out.  Every time I would use it, I would wipe it down and clean the large pieces–the dough hook, the whisk and the guard.  Some of the nooks and crannies did not get a good clean.

I started with a sink of warm soapy water (dish detergent).  My tools were a clean dish cloth and a old but clean toothbrush.

I started by unplugging the mixer.  Then I wiped it off with a dish cloth that had been soaked in warm soapy water and then well wrung out.  I got all the major parts clean. Then came out the toothbrush

The toothbrush was soaked in the warm soapy water and excess water tapped out.  I got in all the spot where the food has gotten stuck.  

Finally I took a soft clean towel and gave the mixer a good drying and polishing.

Now my mixer shines and is ready for mixing mashed potatoes for Christmas dinner.  

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