Daily Cleaning in the Bathroom

It’s Clean Tuesday. Today we are in the bathroom.  Keeping a bathroom clean is a daily task. Bathrooms have lots of reasons to get gross… toothpaste splatters on the sink, dollops of shampoo and conditioner on the shower floor, and the biggest problem… the toilet. 

Each morning, I attack the “yuck”.  It only takes 5-7 minutes but it makes a huge difference.

No harsh cleaners are needed.  Just a bottle of 1/2 water, 1/2 white vinegar.  

Sink area: Pick up clutter and then spray and wipe down.

Shower area: Spray and wipe off the handles and shower head. Spray the walls and shower curtain with the vinegar solution and just let it dry. 

Toilet area: Spray and wipe off the back of the toilet…. hair, fuzz and dust likes to collect there. Spray and wipe off the seat lid, seat and under the seat.  Spray a generous amount in the bowl and scrub with the toilet brush.

Now if someone stops by the visit, I never have to be embarrassed about the bathroom. If a family member gets sick, I don’t have to be concerned about them “cuddling” up to a nasty toilet. 

Check back next week for another “clean Tuesday post”.  After the first of the year the Declutter Challenge (on Tuesdays)  will include a cleaning task (a deep clean or surface clean). See you then!!

How do you maintain your bathroom’s clean?  

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