Daily Cleaning in the Bedroom

I am continuing the Clean Tuesday posts until we start the big declutter next week. Today we are in the bedrooms.

I start each day by pulling the blankets away from our sleep area (preferably to the end of the bed). Why?? Dust mites. I discovered a few months ago that I was highly allergic to dust mites.

I let the bed air out for an hour or more. I do this to Kiddo’s bed as well.

Next, thing I do is fluff the pillows in the dryer. Again dust mites. Eww!!

How long in the dryer?? I fluff them for about 10 minutes. While they are fluffing, I do other quick projects. I also fluff the decorative pillows and throw blankets.

Once the bed has aired out… its is time to make it again.

Clutter collects on bedside tables… extra books, hair clips, glasses of water and so forth. I spend a minute or two putting these items in their correct place. Now the bedside tables can be dusted, if needed.

I then put away any laundry that didn’t get put away the day before. I do a double check to see if anything need to be ironed.

Finally, I check the laundry baskets and carry the dirty clothes to the washing machine.

That is less than 15 minutes of actual clean time. Now… if anyone decided to take a nap or lay on the bed and read, they have a nice clean space.

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