Deep Clean in the Entry

Our entry is very small so I keep the decorating very simple.  First of all both doors got a good scrubbing down on the inside. Lots of finger smudges.  All the surfaces got wiped off (knick-knacks as well).  As you will see in picture #2 below… we have low ceilings.  I made sure no spider webs had collected behind the antiques.

This is what guest see first when the come in.  Our charging station.  This is where all phones get left and plugged in.

This end table was a thrift store find.

Here is the space on the other side of the door.  Right now it is still decorated for summer.  In a few weeks it will be “decorated” with hoodies, coats, scarves and hats.  The shelf and peg board were made by my father in law.  One day down the line, I want to replace the pegs with old door knobs. I think that would be a fun look.


This area is opposite the front door.  The small peg board was here when we moved in.  It would be a great place to hang little kid coats but those days are over at our house. Everything is adult sized.  The black purse was my church bag when I was about 4 years old.  I kept it because is is velvet and has very dainty features.


We do have a second entry but there was not much to do except wipe the door down and check the corners for spider (and webs).  This space is where everything gets dumped– work related. Small hand tool collect here, dirty boots and lunch pails.  Usually all over the floor.  So frustrating.  I asked Hubby to building me this tiny shelf.  He built it out of scrap wood from our back porch. It is nothing fancy but just what was needed for this space.  Now when we head out to work on a landscaping or fix it project, we just grab some gloves and head out.

The entry front entry is ready for fall decorating and the back door entry is better equipped to keep us organize.  Things turned out clean and tidy. Next week we are moving on to the master bedroom. That should keep me very busy!! It is officially the middle of September… my self appointed “late enough to decorate for fall” time.  Just wish it would cool off and FEEL like fall. Check back as the decor changes from fall to Halloween and later on to Thanksgiving.



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