Desk Space Deep Clean

When you live in a small house having room for a desk space can be challenging.  My desk space is where I work on menus, blog, organize papers for my husband’s business, plan our family reunion and watch tv.  My desk space gets messy very quickly.  I needed to get it organized and cleaned up before the holiday craziness  hit.  I needed a space  to write holiday letters and stay organized with all of my projects while the holiday are going on.


Here is my desk at its worst.  I am actually in the midst of the declutter and clean in the picture.  Quite awful.


This is my desk space early this morning after the declutter is completed… organized and clutter free.  My desk space is clear for working on projects.  All of my projects  now have folder and notebooks.  Feels great to be organized.

The board on the wall is great for keeping track of everyone’s schedule…having a teenager and one family car… it is a must!   The chest beside my desk is where we keep all of our office and school supplies.  A few days ago it was covered in notebooks and paper. Now it is a nice usable space.

Not a fancy workspace but it is functional and I am able to get my jobs done.

Check back next week… I will be getting things ready for Thanksgiving in the dining room.  Check back tomorrow for one last autumn recipe.

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