DIY Home Fragrance

Our homes sometimes gets icky smells– wet dog, yucky trash smells, science projects gone bad in the fridge, overflowing casseroles in the oven.

I have a simple yet pleasant solution to those icky smells.

Start with a small saucepan of water

Then add a sliced up orange or lemon.



Add a few teaspoons of vanilla extract (I just drizzles some in).


Finally add a few teaspoons of fresh or dried rosemary ( a few shakes will do).  Stir gently.

Let it simmer on your stove on low.  You can also put it in a mini crockpot.



Your house will begin to smell wonderful.  I have known to turn off the stove  and just it  sit for a few hours… the aroma still filters out into the air.



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