Echo Brewing Co. Restaurant Review

Echo Brewing Company is located on Main Street (Briggs Street) in Erie, CO. Just down the street from  other brew companies/restaurants.  It is a popular place for cyclers and families to stop for a drink and a pizza… especially on the weekends.

We have been to Echo a few times before this.  We have sat inside the restaurant.  This time we decided to eat outside on the patio.  The sun was bright and the sky was clear… perfect day to eat pizza and relax.  There were a few other people on the patio but it did not feel crowded.

The meus is mostly brews and pizza, and salads (which can be made into wraps).  We ordered a pizza for each of us.  Hubby is not gluten free and he wanted a “regular” pizza.  I ordered a gluten free pizza.



This the Molto Pizza on a gluten free crust. The gluten free pizza “almost” tastes like a regular pizza.  It doesn’t taste like cardboard like the delivery pizza places. It has good flavor and great texture.


This is the Pesto with ham on a regular crust.


Hubby also ordered one of their home brewed beers.  He actually ordered two but they forgot to bring the second one (luckily they only charged us for one).

The waiter was very nice.  The only mistake the forgotten beer.  He brought us our pizzas fast.

The price of the pizzas is a bit high but we were willing to pay the price so that I could enjoy a gluten free pizza.  If you try Echo, order their Italian nachos… they are gluten free and delicious.

The thing that made it extra nice was the perfect Colorado weather.


I give this restaurant 4 stars.

Click the link above to see Echo’s website and menu.

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