Front Yard Progress

The front yard was one of the first outside  projects we started.  All we had was rocks and dirt.

We enriched the soil, removed rocks and planted grass.  It was painfully slow going.

We did have a nice flower bed to play in and plant flowers.



We finally had enough grass to mow.  We started to notice that the railroad ties that lined the yard were falling down and the earth around them was eroding.  It was time for some drastic re-landscaping.

We dug out the earth, re-terraced it and laid in decorative blocks.

Here is how it looked this weekend.  We put on the end caps on the decorative blocks and have started to re-landsape the front flower bed by the sidewalk. We found some neat solar lights and added some large rocks that a neighbor gave us.


Yes, we ripped out the flower bed beside the new grass.  Check back in the coming weeks… we are in the process of re-terracing it and giving it a brand new look.

This one of the projects where you wondering “when it will it all end”.  One small project has leads to another small project.  In the end it will have great curb appeal and be something we can be proud of.


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