Green Clean a Stove

All the dishes from Thanksgiving have been washed… especially the rooster pan.  We are getting back to regular meals and cleaning routines.  My stove is looking sad from all of that cooking. It needs a good cleaning.

I am not a fan of chemical cleaners on my stove.  This is where I cook my food and I want my food to be safe.

To clean a stove naturally, you will need the following things:

  • Dish cloth
  • Box for baking soda
  • spray bottle of 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water
  • paper towels or soft hand towel

Start by taking out the grates and drip pans.  Btw… this works with electric stoves as well. I would test this process on a small spot on a ceramic stove before doing the whole surface.  It might be too abrasive for ceramic surfaces.

Sprinkle all the surfaces with baking soda.


Next spray the surfaces with the vinegar solution.  You will see bubbles form.  Scrub the drip pans and stove surface gently to cover all the area with the soda and vinegar.  Focus your energy on the baked on stains.  You can let it set for a few minutes, if you want.

With a clean damp dish cloth ,  start removing the baking soda.  It might take a few swipes to remove all the soda.  If the soda is stubborn, spray on a bit more vinegar.  You will need to rinse your cloth a few times during the cleaning process.

When you get all of the soda off.  Spray the surface with the vinegar again and buff the surface to a shine with a paper towel or soft hand towel.

When you are cleaning the drip pans, you can put them right in the sink and rinse them directly in  water.

So much better!!  Lots of shine.



Reassemble the drip pans and grates.  I like to wipe off the grates  with a clean damp  dish cloth before I replace them.

You now have a clean stove with no harsh chemicals. This can be done after a pan boils over or if a fry pan splatters. I normally do a spot clean daily with the baking soda and vinegar and full surface clean once a week.


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