Hello Snow!!

We woke up this morning to several fluffy inches of snow.  It is quite beautiful.  I promptly re-filled the bird feeders this morning and sprinkled peanuts around the front yard.  We had lots of visitors shortly after I got back in the warm house.


At one point,  I counted 5 blue jays eating peanuts and eating bird seed from the feeders.

I just love the juncos.  I am so glad to see them back.


We also have 5-6 squirrels who come and eat the bird seed off the ground.  They climb on our porch and beg for peanuts through out the day.


Finches and sparrows are regulars at our feeders.  Today is no exception.

I will stop by the window several times in a hour to see who is enjoying our snowy “restaurant”.

What a fun way spend our first major snowfall of the season.


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