Holiday Countdown Week 17

We are are “Celebrate Week”.  One more week and the holiday countdown will be officially over.  

There is nothing much to do but maintain and celebrate.  Relax and enjoy as much as you can.

My to do list is to attend a holiday party and support my kid while he studies and take his finals. 

Check back on Tuesday for a green clean project, Wednesday will be a sneak peek look at a new project starting on Mondays and Thursday will be the final Christmas cookie recipe.

Are you a huge fan of holidays and holiday planning??  Check The Tilted Italian’s Facebook page for community and support as we celebrate the holidays around the year.  We have  a fun, interactive  Facebook group that enjoys the holidays… so join us today.  (The Facebook link is in the upper right hand corner of this blog.

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Check out these Christmas cookie recipes from last week:

Spritz Cookies
Snowball/ Italian Wedding Cookies

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