Holiday Countdown Week 7

It looks like we might go from fall to winter in a matter of a few days.  Yes, the white stuff might be swirling around here this week.  Yikes!!!

If you are doing the Grand Holiday Plan… it is week 7.  If you are participating in the House and Holiday plan, it is week 6.  If you are doing the 101 Days to Christmas you are at Day 78.

I am continuing to do the Grand Holiday Plan.  The plan is to work in the guest room.  We don’t have a guest room but we do have a hall/guest bath.  So… that is what I will be deep cleaning this week.

  • deep clean hall/guest bathroom from top to bottom
  • work on homemade gifts
  • decorate for halloween or just leave things for fall

Check back on Wednesday for picture proof of my clean guest bathroom.  Check back on Thursday for a seasonal baked recipe.

Are you doing the Grand Holiday Plan or some other plan this year??  Check the Tilted Italian Facebook page for community and support as we get ready for the holidays.  We have  a fun, interactive  Facebook group… so join us today.  (The Facebook link is in the upper right hand corner of this blog, along with other social media links as well).

Blondie Bars





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