Holiday Countdown Week 9

It is almost the end of October.  Unbelievable. Next week will be Halloween.  I hope you have fun plans.

If you are doing the Grand Holiday Plan, you are at week 9.  If you are doing the House and Holiday Plan, you are at week 8.  If you are doing the 101 Days to Christmas, you are at Day 64.

I am continuing to do the Grand Holiday Plan but I am taking a second week in my kitchen rather than Pantry and Closets. I have a rather large kitchen and I wanted a second week so that I would have time to clean out my large appliances.  I have a deep freezer to clean out as well as my kitchen fridge and freezer.  I don’t plan to thaw my deep freezer out but I will do a quick inventory and re-shuffle.

So here is my to do list for this week

  • Finish kitchen deep clean
  • Continue to work on holiday gifts (I have been posting pictures of projects on my Instagram account).
  • Get ready for company

This week we are expecting company for the weekend.  I have extra food to make. So… I will not be bored.

Check back on Wednesday for picture proof that the kitchen deep clean is finished.  I am enjoying my straightened cupboards and extra clean oven.  Check back on Thursday for a final pumpkin recipe.  I have been baking up a large pumpkin this weekend. I am freezing some of it for pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving and the rest will be treats for this coming weekend.

Are you doing the Grand Holiday Plan or some other plan this year??  Check the Tilted Italian Facebook page for community and support as we get ready for the holidays.  We have  a fun, interactive  Facebook group… so join us today.  (The Facebook link is in the upper right hand corner of this blog, along with other social media links as well).

Are you ready for the holiday?

Gluten-free Berry Muffins


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