Italian Nachos

We had a version of Italian nachos at one of our local restaurants.  I experimented to see if I could make them at home.  So yummy…. so spicy!!

First,  you start with a simple restaurant style corn chip.  If you are gluten free… check the bag!

In a cast iron skillet,  brown either regular ground beef or Italian sausage. ** The Italian sausage will give it the best flavor.  Sprinkle the meat  on the chips and add shredded cheese. I recommend Monterey Jack cheese. The spicy begins.

Bake the nachos in the oven at 300 degrees until the cheese is all melted and bubbly.


Add your toppings.  We keep things simple:  add add sliced pepperoncini and slice black olives.   I then set out dishes of pasta sauce  for drizzling or dipping. 


This is my nacho.  I skipped the pasta sauce and just enjoyed.


A close up of one of  my chips… a bit of cheese, ground beef, an olives and a piece of pepperoncini.


These are great to make for movie/family night.  Everyone can help make them. They also make a great appetizer for an Italian themed or holiday party.



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Recipe was inspired by a dish we ate at Echo Brewing Co.

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