Kiddo’s Room Deep Clean

I cleaned the room from top to bottom.  Took  the sheets, mattress pad and comforter off the bed and washed all of it. The window got cleaned and the blinds wiped off.

The biggest challenge was all the school papers that had collected on the floor in Kiddo’s room.  I let him sort those.  We were able to find the floor and do a complete vacuum.



The dogs like to sleep in Kiddo’s room so the their blanket needed a washing.

Kiddo cleaned out his closet and made the decision  to donate a few unused, outgrown items.


The weather report is that temperatures are suppose to drop, so I got out Kiddo’s throw blanket and put it at the foot of his bed.

A pretty plain and simple deep clean.  I think the biggest accomplishment was to find the floor under all those papers. No redecorating occurred.

Another room, is successfully deep cleaned.  Next week, I will be in the hall bathroom.  This will require a bit more elbow grease.


Check back tomorrow for a yummy bar/brownie recipe.



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