Kitchen Deep Clean Part 2 and Gifts So Far

I am so glad that I allowed myself two week to clean the kitchen.  I spent the first week cleaning out cupboards, drawers and cleaning off surfaces.  The second week, I spent cleaning the large appliances… stove, fridge/freezer and deep freeze. I had time to do a complete job.

The deep freeze was more of a re-shuffle and re-organize.  The fridge and freezer combo was a good deep clean.  I took everything out and threw away foods that were questionable (which I normally do on a weekly basis) and wiped down all the shelves and walls. Even though I clean the fridge on a weekly basis, there were nooks and crannies that I had overlooked. Oops!!



The last time I deep cleaned my fridge, I put contact paper on my door shelves.  It makes them easy to wipe off and less likely to get stained.



The other big task that I have been working on for the Grand Holiday Plan is homemade gifts.  I am huge fan of giving homemade gifts.  I am actually working on multiple projects at once. It keeps me from getting bored and I know that I will finish them at different times.  The yellow project is a baby blanket.  It is a long term project… probably won’t finish this just right before I need to mail it.


This doesn’t look like much but.. it is the beginnings of a winter hat.  I should finish this project sometime next week.


This is a baby hat that I finished last week. It only took me a day to two to make.  I am hoping to make one more of these before Christmas mailing time.


Next week, I will be deep cleaning in my office space.  Check back next week on Wednesday for a peek into my little work space.  I will also update you on any finished gift project (or any new ones).

Tomorrow, I will have a yummy recipe for you… it will be both gluten free and regular.  **My house smells so heavenly right now as it bakes in the oven.


How is your holiday prep going?

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