Living Room Deep Clean

This week I deep cleaned my living room. I started on Sunday and finished up this morning….well… I still need to mop the floor.

To clean the room, I work from one end (the breakfast nook area) to the other end of the room (the front door).  Each part of the room was cleaned from the ceiling to the floor.   All knick-knacks got either wiped off or washed in the kitchen sink.  Everything for a short while will be dust free.

We bought the sectional couch shortly after we moved into this house.  The thing I love about this couch is the cushion covers and pillow covers all come off and can be put in the washing machine and dryer.  If someone spill their drink… no problem.

The reading nook got a good cleaning.  Books had gotten quite dusty.  I spot cleaned the chairs and washed the doilies.

On Sunday, I cleaned the windows on the inside and outside. That was quite the job but made a huge difference.

The sewing and dog area needed cleaning the most.  All the dog toys and blankets got washed. Now everything smells fresh and clean.  Now for the dogs to get a bath.  They were taking their morning nap when I took this picture.  I polished up the old sewing machine and the table.  A little bit of olive oil and vinegar and all the wood furniture in the room has a new shine.

The final spot is the breakfast nook.

The living room is ready for holiday guests.  A little bit of weekly maintaining is all that will be needed.

I am happy how the room look with a good cleaning.  I didn’t take the time to do any re-decorating.  I will slowly add some fall decor in the coming weeks.

Check back tomorrow to get a yummy fall recipe… think cinnamon and sugar.



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