Master Bathroom Deep Clean

My biggest task this week for the Grand Holliday Plan was to deep clean my master bathroom.  A deep clean is just what this bathroom needed.

I cleaned the room from top to bottom.  A few spots need more TLC than others.


My space saver looked a little bit bland.  So I added a few colorful towels and re-arranged a few things.

Not perfect but better.

Under our sink is a nice cupboard. Unfortunately it was cluttered with brushes, combs, cough drop packages and other odds and ends.  Something needed to change.

I bought these old whiskey tins at a local garage sale.  They are study and close tightly.  They are perfect for storing bathroom odds and ends as well as brushes and combs.

I needed a solution for the cough drops bags that were open and at risk of spilling out.  I had a few extra mason jars in my kitchen… they are perfect for storing the cough drops.


Fresh towels, a scrubbed sink, toilet and shower and the room was almost done. I replenished the cotton balls and q-tips and bought a new bottle of hand soap.  Now the room was done.

It is a very small bathroom so I needed to keep the clutter to a minimum and maximize the storage space that is available.

Another room is deep cleaned and ready for the holidays.  Next week I will be working in my kid’s room… check back next Wednesday for an update.

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