Master Bed Makeover

When we moved into our house we had an old bed and even older quilt.  The bedroom was in dire need of a makeover. We watched the sales and bought new bed linens.  We also splurged and bought a new bed.  It was a wise thing to splurge on.  We bought a Purple bed… those beds you see advertised on YouTube.  Smart purchase.



With the old things moved out… the makeover took place.


The bedroom is still red and blue but so much more cozy.  

Still no headboard… I am looking for just the right shape and fabric.  I plan to make my own one of these days.


The throw blanket is fleece.  It is so cozy when I need something over my shoulders or legs when reading.  I was afraid that the room would look patriotic with the red and blue together. It is still a struggle with looking for additional decor for this room.


The throw pillows (which we keep to a maximum of two) are from my grandmother.  I jazzed up the red striped one with black buttons.  Trying to keep things “non-patriotic”.  The room also had a new dresser which I will show you later this week. It was nice to move out of our stack of packing boxes.

I am pleased at how the bed makeover turned out.  We didn’t break the bank and we have a nice place to sleep…. finally.

–Will also post our son’s bedroom makeover later this week as well.  New bed… new linens… and new more mature decor.


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