Master Bedroom Deep Clean

The master bedroom was a fairly easy deep clean.

Part of the reason was…. I had started re-organizng  a few months ago. Our closet is a standard closet… no fancy shelves or organizational system.  Clothes were folded and then a few days later they were scattered all over.  Not a good situation. I went to my local home improvement store and bought some sturdy plastic bins.  I was determined to find a way to corral all those clothes.

Each items was folded KonMari style and then put in a bin.  

Then the bins were placed on the long shelf side by side.  So much neater and organized. Jeans and pants were folded and stacked neatly.

Now for the “decorative portion” of this post…


As I was cleaning, I decided to jazz up the top of my dresser.

Here is how it looked before…. (boring)



Here is the dresser now…

The oil lamp came from the living room, the silver box was already in the room and the wedding candle was brought out of storage.  A bit more pleasing to the eye and no money was spent.

The bed got taken down to the mattress. The mattress was allowed to air out for several hours.  Everything was washed and put back on the bed.  So nice sleeping in an extra clean bed.

I still have dreams of finding curtains for this room.  I am thinking I need some more (new) artwork in this room.  One step at a time… one sale at a time.

Next week I will be in the master bathroom giving it a “sparkle and a shine”.  See you then.


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