Menu Mondays Starts Soon

Starting December 31, Mondays will be “Menu Mondays”.  It will be all about meal planning.

I don’t know about you but on Sunday mornings when I go to finalized my grocery shopping list if I don’t have a menu plan, then I end up forgetting something at the grocery store.  With a menu, I know how many pounds of ground beef or Italian sausage to get.  I know how many pasta sauces I will need.  I hate going to the fridge to get out a red pepper and I find out that I didn’t get one at the store.

We have a teen in the house who is experimenting with the Keto diet.  I have to make sure I have the right ingredients for his eating plan.  I am a diabetic with multiple food allergies (including gluten intolerance). I have to make sure I have all the ingredient necessary to convert a family favorite to gluten free or have a variety of fruit and vegetables the munch on when I get a sugar craving.

I am a firm believer in whole foods.  I buy as little as possible of frozen or canned foods. Fresher the better.  We try to eat seasonally. Right now it is shredded cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and lots of oranges.  In a few weeks we will be munching on grapefruit.

Here is how Menu Mondays will work…..

Each day will be listed with meals and extra baking items and links to the recipes.

I have a routine for meals… especially suppers.

  • Sundays are ground beef night
  • Mondays are chicken night
  • Tuesdays are Mexican night
  • Wednesdays are potato or vegetarian night
  • Thursdays are Italian night
  • Fridays are soup/salad night
  • Saturdays are stir-fry (Oriental) night

I hope your will join us for Menu Mondays.

We will also be talking about meal planning on The Tilted Italian’s Facebook page. Come over and join the conversation.

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