Menu Monday, Week of January 28

Winter has finally hit us. We have had two snowstorms and the snow is not melting as quick as before. Perfect weather to have hearty warm meals.

Sunday night, kinda got thrown for a loop. I got hammered with a head cold. Instead of cooking… my guys ordered pizza.

Monday, will be chicken night. The thing still decide yet is baked or grilled. We are also going to try brown rice rather than white rice.

Grilled chicken on my Lodge griddle

Tuesday is Mexican Night. I am rotating in one of our favorites. Chiptole Beef.

I have taco shells , flour tortillas and tortilla chips available for whatever they are wanting to put the beef on.

Wednesday night will be Salmon again. All of us have been enjoying it. The Omega3’s are perfect for this time of year.

We have been enjoying it grilled with lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Thursday night… Italian night will be an old favorite… Spicy Spaghetti.

Friday night will be chicken noodle soup. Since we are all fighting some lovely winter germs, a comforting bowl of chicken soup will be perfect. Lots of broth to increase fluids and sooth the throat.

Some Gluten Free Berry Muffins will be a perfect companion.

Saturday night will be another stir-fry night.

Check back on Thursday, I will have a recipe for breakfast.

If you would like more menu planning inspiration check out my Food Crew Group on Facebook. I post menu ideas on a weekly basis (typically on Mondays and Tuesdays).

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