Menu Monday Week of January 7

It is week #2 of Menu Monday. It is back to school and work week. Holiday are over until Spring Break. It is time to get back on our “healthy eating” lifestyles again.

Sunday we had Salisbury steaks and baked potatoes for supper. Jen, at Cincy Shopper has the best recipe. Check back on Thursday for my gluten free version of it (with gluten free gravy) here on the Titled Italian.

Monday, we are having baked chicken and green rice casserole. The green rice can be made with spinach or broccoli.

Tuesday, we are having burrito bowls… an at home version of what you can get at Chipotle Restaurant. I will make my Chipotle Beef for the bowls.

We are trying to eliminate eating out as much as possible this year. So I am making some of our “eat out” favorites right at home.

Wednesday will be fish night. I discovered that my teenager loves fish–he prefers Salmon. A couple times a month we grill or bake fish. Seasonings are very easy: salt, pepper and fresh lemon juice.

How to cook salmon– Soccer Mom Blog

Thursday night is Italian night. We will be having spaghetti and meatballs. I started making gluten free meatballs and my guys just love them. I cook them halfway by themselves and then the last half is with a jar of spaghetti sauce. They are so tasty.

Gluten Free Meatballs

Friday night is soup night. After a busy week of work and school it will be nice to sit down and chat with a bowl of Zuppa Toscana Soup. The blog, The Chunky Chef has a delicious recipe (it is even for the crockpot). My guys make it disappear very quickly so… I try to be the first one to get a large bowl of it.

The Chunky Chef

Saturday night we are still continuing our experimenting with stir-fry. Here is what our latest batch looked like:

We used rice noodles instead of steamed rice. We are still tweaking the sauce.

There won’t be a treat for this week because we are all struggling with coughs and stuffy noses. A week with no sweets is just want the doctor ordered. If you are lucky to be healthy here is a recipe for you to try:

Lemon Bars

Hope you have a great week. Stay warm and safe.

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