My Daily Cleaning Schedule

Life is messy.  Kiddo comes home and within minutes my dining room table is covered with books and backpack . Hubby comes home from work and my back entry floor is scattered with dirt.  The dogs come in from the backyard and its clear they have found the best dirt pile to roll in. Saturday night we have  our epic Netflix binge watching sessions and the coffee table get covered with dirty dishes and the couch cushions are in disarray. Welcome to my life.

I am a bit more picky than most  how my house is cleaned because I have asthma and major allergies. Dust and dirt just don’t mix well with those health problems.

Here is now I manage it on a daily basis….

Quick Pick up

In the evenings and when I get up in the morning, I do a quick pick up. Why both times??  In the evenings, there is clutter from everyone coming home.  Surfaces like the dining room, kitchen island and the coffee table, get covered with “stuff” .  I return everyone’s things either to their rooms or to their desk.  We try to grab our things (dishes, phones, and projects) as we head to bed each night but some nights  all we can do is drag ourselves to bed.  Things get left on the coffee table or the dining room table.

To deal with those left behind items,  I do a quick walk through.   Most mornings,  I find a  half charged cell phone, a stray late night snack dish,  X-box remotes that need charging and socks that have been left on the floor.  While I am doing the quick pick up, I wipe remotes, cell phones and headphones off with rubbing alcohol, especially during cold and flu season.


Each night after supper,  dishes get loaded in the dishwasher.  In the morning.  I can then empty out the dishwasher and then load any dishes that got dirty later night before.  There is always a coffee cup and spoon to add to the machine.  After each meal, dishes are either rinse and put in the dishwasher or hand washed.  Several times a day, I rinse out the sink with hot water.  If needed,   I will fill the the sink with a few inches of water, add a few drops of soap and wipe the sink area down.

Every morning, I get out a new hand towel, drying towel and dish cloth.  Why two towels??  One is for drying hands and one is for drying hand- washed dishes.  I don’t like to mix and match them especially during cold and flu season.  Most of the time the drying towel is a flour sack towel.  They are excellent for polishing glasses and silverware.

Several times a day, I will wipe off my counters and island.  A simple spray of water and vinegar mixture and a paper towel is all that is needed.

There are other surfaces that need a quick wipe down during the day….top of mini fridge,  dining room table, the tea pot, coffee pot  and the water filter.

All of this cleaning takes only a few minutes,  several times a day.




Bathrooms get dirty very quickly.  Toothpaste residue, shaved hair, shaving cream residue, splatters on toilets, soap scum on showers.  Each morning, I wipe all surfaces down in the bathroom and do a quick swish with the toilet brush.  Shower handles get a quick wipe down and then polished with a hand towel.  The toilet paper supply is assessed.  It is not a good idea to run out of toilet paper. Bath towels are swapped out with fresh ones.

I swap out bath towels several times per week. If someone has had a cold or the flu, I will swap them out everyday. It does create a bit more laundry but I would rather wash a few extra towels than pass on germs and create new ones.



Each morning, I throw back the bed linens and air out the beds for a minimum of an hour.  We sweat at night.  Airing out the bed linens lessens dust mites and lets the sheets dry out.  Next, I throw the pillow shams, regular pillows, throw pillows and throw blankest in the dryer on high heat for 4-6 minutes.  Good-bye dust mites.



Each day I do at least 1 load of laundry.  The days where I change the bedsheets and change out the towels in the bathroom AND have clothing to wash, I might do 5 loads that day.  Hubby’s clothes have to be washed separately from the rest of our clothes as he occasionally comes in contact with insulation.

I iron 1-3 times per week.  This depends on if we wear dressy clothes that are not wrinkle resistant.  I iron dress shirts, the fronts of shirts that have buttons, pants with multiple pockets (cargo pants), and the cotton flour sack towels that I use in my kitchen.



We have two dogs. They shed.  I am not a fan of dog hair on clothes or furniture.  I vacuum every day.  We bought a vacuum that will work on multiple surfaces as we have both laminate floors and carpeting.   I vacuum our couch and fabric chairs every day.   The vacuum gets emptied every day and the filters cleaned once a week.


These few things keep our house clean, healthier, and comfortable.

Check back next week, I will be sharing my weekly cleaning schedule.  Yes, even after the daily cleaning a deeper clean still needs to happen on a weekly basis.  From now on Tuesdays will be “cleaning day”.  I will share cleaning tips and tricks. See you next Tuesday!!


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