My Favorite Things: In my kitchen tool drawer

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I have a drawer in my kitchen were I keep my small kitchen tools/hand tools.  Here are a few of my”favorites” from that drawer.

This is an awesome tool– smooth edge can opener.  No more rough sharp edges on cans. No cut fingers.  Best thing is… I can use the can top as as a lid in the fridge. Perfect for saving extra olives.


Mini Spatulas.  These are perfect for getting brownies, cookies or cornbread out of a pan.  They can get into small spaces and edges.  I bought my first one a few months ago and I don’t know how I lived without one. There are not great for using in hot cooking pans.  Your fingers get too close to the hot cooking surface.


I love my mini wisk. It is perfect for scrambling up a couple of eggs and stirring up a small kettle  of soup.  I don’t have to get the big wisk dirty for a little job.  At first I thought it was a kids toy.  Nope.


My final favorite small kitchen tool is my  pizza wheel.  Not only do I use it for cutting pizza but quesadillas and pita sandwiches as well. I highly recommend getting a pizza wheel with a cover.  Keeps you fingers safe when you go searching for tools in the drawer.


Next week I will share more favorite things in the kitchen.  To check out the above products… just click the pictures to go to


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