Natural Furniture Polish

I have lots of antiques around my house.  I am pretty particular at what chemicals that I put on them.  Quite a few years ago, I heard about polishing wood with olive oil and vinegar.  At first my response was…. “I might as well be polishing with salad dressing”.  Then I gave it a try.  I was sold!!

Start with a pretty glass dish (it just makes polishing furniture a bit more fun).

Add 1/8 cup white vinegar and then add a few teaspoons of olive oil.  I add more vinegar if I am looking to clean sticky, quite dirty furniture. I use more olive oil (almost equal to the vinegar) if I am looking for a deep polish and scratch coverage.

Yesterday, I was deep cleaning in my dining room.  My wood chairs looked dingy and dusty.  Not Thanksgiving dinner worthy.

One thing to keep in mind when polishing wood chairs…. buff the seat well with a clean cloth after applying oil and vinegar.  You don’t want that stuff on your clothes.


The seats were not too bad so I was not expecting a dramatic difference.  (The pictures have not been modified in any way… they are fresh from my camera).



The color is a bit more lively.  Food particles and dust are gone.


The back of this chair had lost a lot of shine.  Yes, that white is paint residue.  I didn’t intend to remove the paint but to at least attempt to bring back some of the shine.  Not too bad.


I had some of the solution left over after  my chairs were done.   My sewing table front looked pretty sad. Some smudges and fingerprints were clouded its beauty.

It now has some shine and the smudges were gone.  The sun came out right as I was taking this last picture so the wood does look a bit more red than the first picture.  The olive oil/vinegar did not do that.

I have used the oil/vinegar solution on wood that was scratched up and over half of the scratches disappeared.  It doesn’t not fill in deep scratches.  I love how this solution removes sticker residue when I bring home antiques from the store.  I have had a few pieces where water stains have faded….. not completely gone away though.

One thing to remember is to keep it away from glass or mirrors.  It is almost impossible to get off those surfaces.

The smell of the solution fades quite quickly.  If you are concerned… open a window or a door while you polish.

I was able to throw away the spray furniture polish  and expensive oil polish.  Now all I use is the oil/vinegar solution.


**I do not do this every week….most weeks I dry dust with a microfiber cloth.




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