New Dressers

Both bedrooms were in need of new dressers.  The thought of buying brand new furniture was scary… expensive.  We visiting out local antique stores in hopes of finding something… even if I had to refinish it.

Here is what Kiddo’s dresser looked like.

Here is what the space looked like in our new house in the master bedroom.  I was living out of packing boxes and an overstuffed closet.  Not a good situation.


A few shopping trips later…

Kiddos’ new dresser.   We said good bye to all the Legos and safari decor.  We said hello to cologne and camping gear.


The empty space in the master bedroom turned into this…

Neither of the dressers needed refinishing.  They were perfect right out of the stores.  A little story about each find…

I went with a friend one afternoon to a local antique store.  I saw this dresser.  I didn’t have a large enough vehicle to get it home in.  I had to leave it there.  A few weeks later hubby and I  went antique shopping at the same store  and found that the dresser was still there.  We bought it!!  It barely fit in the the car  but we made it work.

A few weeks later we were at a different antique store and saw a dresser similar to what we had just gotten for the master bedroom.  It was in our price range… it was a touch smaller than the first one so it fit in the car a bit better.  We got it home and started to look at the two dressers…. we had bought two dressers that were the same brand.  They are a bit different in color but…. we don’t mind. We were able to buy both dressers for under $200.  Not as expensive as we has originally feared.

Tomorrow, we will be back in Kiddos’ bedroom.  A simple closet solution wins big!!!


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