New Pot Rack

We are in the midst of upgrading our little house. The most recent addition is a new pot rack in the kitchen.

A few years ago hubby brought home a rusted, sad looking restaurant cooking table.  With a bit of elbow grease, metal grinder and soap and water, we had a new island in our kitchen.  I had high hopes of having a pot rack right above my island.

On one of our trips to a local antique store, I saw a pot rack hanging above one of the displays.  I literally squealed in delight.  It was in our price range so… it now ours!

It goes so well with our stainless steel island.

I had fun styling it.  I stayed with the smaller pots, pans and a few utensils.  I want to keep the load on it as light as possible but still have the things that I would need handy.



Most of my kitchenware is stainless steel but I have one red colander.  I think it add a fun touch of color to all that steel.   I even hung my stainless measure cups on a hook.. I might use them more often now.

I am very pleased at the addition of the pot rack.  The space is less boring and I have less steps to take to get the necessary tools to cook/bake.  I have a feeling I will enjoy working in this space more.  I will have more motivation to keep my pots and pans sparkling.


This is one step to get our kitchen more user friendly and decorated.  One project done… many more to go.

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