New Years Declutter Challenge

Starting January 8, there will be a declutter challenge here at The Tilted Italian.  We will be going room by room decluttering and lightening our homes.  Start off the year purging the extra and letting go of the excess.

What to do in the meantime??

Grabs some supplies:  You will need 3  good sized boxes (plastic or cardboard) and lots of trash bags.

Grab a friend.  Find a friend who wants to declutter with you.  Check out The Tilted Italian’s Facebook pages.  We will be doing a weekly check in and support.

Relax.  We will be working hard for the next few weeks.  Take this time to relax and get a few extra naps in.

Here is the declutter schedule:

January 8- Living Room

January 15- Dining Room

January 22- Bedrooms

January 29- Closets

February 5- Bathrooms

February 12- Kitchen

February 19- Pantry/Food Storage

February 26- Office

March 5- Maintain the new spaces

Have question or concerns?  Click the Facebook link at the top of the homepage.  Join the conversation. Or leave a question in the comment section, right here.

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