Polishing Cloudy Glasses

One of the things I notice at a dinner table are the glasses.  Do they shine??  It is only a few week until Thanksgiving.  I wanted to make sure my fancy drinking glasses are ready for dinner.

I filled the sink with fairly warm water (almost hot).  I added 1 cup of white vinegar. Then I carefully added my glasses.  You can line the sink with a dish towel to keep the glasses from rolling around and bonking into each other.


Spin them a few times to make sure all the surfaces come in contact with the vinegar and water.


Rinse the glass well with hot water (not enough to burn yourself) and then dry with a flour sack towel (or regular towel). I like flour sack towels because they don’t leave towel lint behind.


This process also works great for glass platters, relish dishes and bowls.


Now my glasses are ready for Thanksgiving Dinner…. all clean and polished.

Even my breakfast glasses are ready.

Over the next few weeks, I will do this process to my sherbet goblets and salad bowls so that they shine as well.


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