Porch Clean Up

I got up on Sunday morning with high hopes of getting at least one of the porches cleaned up and “fall ready”.

Let me just say “Yikes”!  We had several hail storms this summer.  My flowers and plants were in horrible shape.  I was only able to save part of the mint plants.  My flowers were crush.  The leaves are starting to fall from the trees….earlier than normal.  I had my work cut out for me. A few trash bags were needed for the clean up.

Leaves and “junk” had collected underneath the front porch.  We got it all raked out.  I required the teenagers assistance and we worked quickly before the temperatures got too high. The front door got a fresh coat of paint.  It needed it badly.  We still need to removed the old storm door.  That will likely happen when we fix the porch.

Yes, the porch is on its last leg.  It must wait while Hubby finished the gutters.  It is clean though.  We will have to maintain it daily as the leaves are falling from the trees.

That is all of the mint that I could salvage.  The rest was bent and broken.


Monday, the back porch got a good cleaning.

The back porch was much easier to clean.  It just a matter of sweeping and cleaning out the flower boxes.

The doors was in bad condition so….

It got a new coat of paint.  Yes… my back door is bluish purple.  The paint is still wet in the picture and the sun cast eerie  shadows.

The flowers that I had planted got beaten down a few weeks ago.  I cleaned up the evidence. This plant was the only thing that survived. It is pretty hardy.  I think I will plant more next year.

One task is officially complete.  Next week, I will be in the living room. Check back next Wednesday for my update. Tomorrow, I will have a fun fall recipe for you.  See you then!


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