Redoing an Old Toy Box

I had a toy box when I was a kid.  It held lots of important toys and treasures.  It was moved multiple times across the midwest with my family.  A few years ago it came to live with me again.  I gave it to my son.


By the time we got it back… it was in sad condition. I guess after 30 some years it should be in need of a makeover.


We took it outside and began taking it back to its bare bones.  The tacks and padding was removed and it was given 2 coats of white flat paint.


No more squishing seat but much more practical for a teenager.  As soon as we brought it in he filled it with his old childhood toys.



He now uses it as a bedside table.  Perfect for his small room.


Check back in a few weeks… there will be more transformations for Kiddo’s room.  Good-bye old…. hello new!!  A teenager needs to have a cool room to hang out in.

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