Restyling the Dish Shelves

The shelves that hold all of my extra dishes was bothering me.  It looked off…. too much like a store.  I needed it to look little bit more cozy and styled.


I studied pictures on Pinterest and this how I changed things….


I added fabric placemats and books to the mix.  So much better.

I put all the pitchers and carafes together.  Now I can see in a glance what I have and use different ones more often.

I  have lots of clear dishes so the small touches of color helps a lot.

The ironstone pitcher is more visible and the Wexford glasses are all in one spot ready for setting the table.


I layered white lace napkins over the red placemats.  Turns out it is nice to have some extra linens on hand.


I had a few bowls that were similar in  size and was starting to run out of room… so I stacked them… and snuck a glass pitcher inside.

I moved most of the Corning ware up a shelf because I use it so much…a touch easier to reach.

They pyrex baking dishes and bowl ended up on the bottom shelf due to their size and weight.

I am pleased at how it turned out.  A little less “store looking” and a little bit more styled.  I kept things pretty open so that I can add Christmas decor in a few weeks.



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