Starting a Throw Quilt

In the fall and winter, I love to sew.  School started today so I am kicking off fall.  I started a quilt.

I splurged and bought pre-cut blocks (a charm pack).  The color are reflective of the rug, chairs and couch in the our living room.  So…. it will be a throw quilt for our couch.

I am not afraid to mix and match fabrics.

I am sewing it on my antique machine. I think it sews better than the fancy computerized machine that I used to have.

Don’t worry, I didn’t use the blue thread on this project.  I swapped it with beige thread before getting started.


It doesn’t look like much right now.  It is not enough for a throw quilt.  This will be the center of the quilt.  Between each of these will be a sections of beige fabric. The beige fabric will also be around the edges and on the back.


Check back in the coming weeks for  updates/progress.  Sometimes I am quick at putting a quilt together and other times…. I am slow about it.


Here are some closes ups:


We have a little over a week yet until the holiday countdown begins.  Hope everyone is ready to get crafting, cleaning and organized for the upcoming holidays.  I am off to go and find some lunch.

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