Storing Tea

My family drinks quite a bit of tea.  Tea boxes were getting opened and re-opened and within a few weeks the boxes were falling apart and the tea was loosing its flavor.  We needed a solution.

I saw on Pinterest people were putting their tea in boxes, tins and jars.  I decided to give it try. We now love our tea jars.  The tea stays fresh longer and we don’t have boxes in the cupboard that are falling apart.

Here is how you can make your own tea jars.  Start with tearing apart your tea box.  Make sure you leave the lid intact and set aside the tea bags.  You will use the tea box lid as the jar cover.  Trace the metal lid onto the box lid.  You will end up with a cardboard circle like in the picture.  This goes on top of the metal lid just inside the jar ring.  Now when you grab a jar from the cupboard you will know what is inside.

Gently take the tea bags and place them in the jars. The tea we buy is attached in pairs…. if we have any ‘lone tea bags we just lay them on top to be used first. These three jars have been refilled. The empty boxes are recycled or burned.


This is my tea cupboard.  All kinds of different flavors.  We also store our hot chocolate in a mason jar.  It keeps it fresh and easy to see.  The cupboard above is for extra boxes of tea and cocoa that we get on sale. Now when a jar become empty, we know exactly where to find a re-fill.

No need to try to refold the tea box liners or worry that the cardboard box will come open. It is great to open a jar and enjoy the strong aroma of the tea.

How do you store your tea? In the original boxes, in tins or jars?  What is your favorite kind of tea?


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