Teen’s Bed Makeover

When we moved in, Kiddo had a full sized bed. It barely fit in his new bedroom.  The same time that we got a new master bed, we also got Kiddo a new bed.  We got him a long twin so that he can take his mattress to college with him.


New sized bed… new comforter and bedding. We bought him the grey/black version of the comforter as the master bedroom.


No fancy throw pillows for Kiddo’s bed… only practical pillows. His throw blanket is off the bed as it is too warm for him.  In the winter it will lay at the foot of his bed.

As you can see we have the re-done toy box beside his bed as a end table.  The posters are part of the new “more grown up decor”.

For years he had been using an old antique dresser.  I am a fan of antiques but this one had “sticky” drawers and broken hardware.  A new dresser was necessary.  Check back later this week to see the new grand and wonderful dresser.

Since school is starting again very shortly, clothes are getting sorted and re-folded.  The closet in this room is also getting a much needed re-do.  Small old houses can be a challenge… their closets are much the same.

Hope everyone is having a great week. Check back tomorrow for another reveal.

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