The Reading Nook

I am going to show you one of our latest design projects in the house.  We had a space in our living room that was not being used.  It was away from the tv and it is one of the sunniest spots in the house.  I was hoping it would become on of my favorite spot in the house because at first it was my least favorite.  I will spare you the initial picture that I took when we moved in… a pile of boxes and a broken recliner… Ick!!

It became the most logical place to put our bookcases.  They were stuffed full of books as we enjoy reading. Still a huge mess.  Then we got rid of the broken recliner and just lived with a fairly empty pace for quite a few months.  We moved the rocking chair into the area just so that I would not be SO empty.


Luckily, we have some wonderful antique stores in our  area that have excellent used furniture.  At least once a month we went and looked for the perfect chairs for the nook. We had visions of a cozy space to read and chat.  We wanted wingback chairs but we were afraid we would not be able to afford any.  On one of our shopping trips, we decided to look “one more time” in the furniture section.  There they were!!!  Beautiful wingback chairs… in our budget.


I decided that the nook needed a bit of sprucing up to match the chairs.  I added floral contact paper to the back of the bookcases, readjusted the books and styled the shelves a bit.

A much cozier space.  We all enjoy the reading nook.  The resident teenager watches Youtube videos, Hubby relaxes after work and I knit.

As you can see we still need curtains.   We are still looking…

We are also looking for a foot stool or ottoman to go in front of the chairs and one more bookcase…. or a brand new set of matching bookcases.  One can always dream.

Check back next week for more space transformations.  There is a lot going on at our my “tilted world”.


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