Transferware Obsession

If you look at the pictures of food on this blog, you will see it is plated on colorful dishes.  Those dishes have a unique story.

When I was little we would have dinner at a couple’s house every few months.  I loved her house.  It was filled with old quilts, cozy rooms and we ate off of transferware dishes.  I didn’t know they were called transferware then but I did know I enjoyed eating off of them.  She had all sorts of colors.  I would try to guess what color plate that I would eat off of each time.  Sometimes I would get a “favorite plate”.

Those plates made our meals seem so special.  We could eat a simple meal at her house but I was convinced it tasted better on those plates. I promised myself that I would going to have dishes likes those when I had my own house.

Fast forward 30 years… My mother in law bought two sets of transferware…. red and blue.   I asked if and when she downsizes and thins out her dish collections… could I have those dishes.  She surprised me by giving me the dishes early.  I was in heaven.

I now had my “favorite” childhood dishes.  Do I save them for special occasions?? Nope.  We eat off of them everyday.


I have since started collecting dishes with different patterns and by different companies (in the red and blue).  It is my hope to also collect different colors of transferware.  Sometimes a plate or bowl will break so instead of replacing with another red bowl… my plan is to replace it with a purple or black patterned bowl.  I am on the hunt.

I am still convinced everyday food tastes so much better on pretty plates.

Thanks “Bernie” for introducing me to eating off of pretty dishes.

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