Uncluttered Guest Bathroom

Our guest bathroom is also my guys bathroom.  I wanted it to be masculine, a touch rustic and add a touch of red.

When we moved in to our house, I threw up the stuff from our old guest bathroom. I knew instantly that it needed a makeover.  Yuck!!

A few shopping trips later….

This was the first thing we purchased.  It fit the criteria of manly, rustic and a touch of red.  Everything was purchased to match the rug.  Not sure that is how it is suppose to be done but… that is how we did it.  

We did all black accessories.  The tray in the middle of the counter is black speckled enamelware.  It is a great place for watches, tie clips and nail clippers.

The basket holds all daily grooming needs.  It keep the counter from getting cluttered and no one has to go through the bottom cupboard looking for the shave cream or deodorant.


The shower curtain was the find “of the room”.  The liner zips out when it needs to be washed.  So handy!!

You will probably notice that the bathroom doesn’t have a lot of decor.  I wanted to keep the room simple and practical…. and not “foo foo”.

I know… I still don’t have a curtain for the window but the window is  glazed so… I am in no rush to get a curtain.

If I add anymore to the room decor wise it will be a lantern style lamp.

There are more rooms in our house that are getting made-over.  Check back.

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