Valentine Countdown Week 2– Gift Ideas

Oh, the simple days of handing out Valentines and conversation hearts. Gifts for Valentine’s Day can get complicated as adults. I hope these gift ideas help simplify things.

A honey bear: A cute little honey bear with a gift tag attached is a inexpensive gift. It can be enjoyed on muffins or in tea.

Why not give our a bag of conversation hearts like you did in grade school. Add a cute or meaningful gift tag and the “kid at heart” will love it.

My son and I made these M&M jars for friends a few years ago. It was fun decorating the tops with Valentine colored paper, adding ribbon and filling the jars with the sweets. Mason jars come in great small sizes now.

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The final gift ideas won’t cost you much at all… a coupon book that you make. Click the link below and it is downloadable. Or… make your own: A free hug, a back rub after work, one breakfast in bed. Have fun thinking up ideas for your coupons. This is a great idea for kids as well… a movie night at home, a trip to their favorite museum or zoo, a biking trip to get ice cream. Have fun coming up with things to do together.

hope these links give you ideas for giving a creative gift for Valentine’s Day. Need more ideas? Check out my Valentine Pinterest board.

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