Valentine Countdown Week 5– Food

When I think of Valentine’s Day food, I think of conversation hearts, boxes of chocolates and cupcakes.

Today I am going to share with you some links to recipes that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

We will start with a “sweet”. A fun kid tradition… rice Krispy treats. Only these are shaped in a heart. So cute!! To get the recipe click the link in the picture caption.

These cinnamon rolls would be perfect for breakfast…. either at home or in the work break room.

I had to post one cupcake cake link. This one looks just yummy.

Our last link is a drink recipe. The blog where it comes from has several different ways to make the drink. They all look so good!

Need more idea for Valentine food. Check out The Tilted Italian’s Holiday Countdown Facebook group and The Tilted Italian Facebook Page. Check back next week for a quick review and a few last minutes idea for Valentine’s Day.

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