Week 2: New Year Declutter Challenge

I hope the declutter challenge in your living room/family room went well. This week are going to be in the dining room.

I got started this weekend and emptied out the cupboards in my dish hutch. Yep, I emptied it out all over my dining room floor. I wanted to see what was really in there.

I then only put back what I use and what I will use in the future. In past declutters, I kept things for sentimental reason. Not this time. I let go of a couple of things.

The biggest mess was my table linens… placemats, napkins and runners. They were getting caught behind and between large tablecloths and getting wrinkled and crushed. I needed a solution!

Each piece was ironed and folded and then wrapped in acid free tissue paper. Then.. I labeled them: now many there were and what color.

They were then placed on the shelf in a gift bag. So I can either take one out individually or take out the entire bag.

Large table cloths have been refolded and stacked by frequency of use.

The other side of the hutch is all my random dishes. Things that I do not use every day or ever week: flower vases, decanters, candle stick holders and extra baking dishes.

I am very pleased at how the declutter turned out. I only donated a few items but it helped to make more room for the things that I do love and use.

Good luck going through your dining room.

If you would like support as you go through your dining room, check out The Titled Italian’s Facebook Page.

I have a few more space to declutter and clean out. Check my Instagram account throughout the week to see what I am getting done. I will post before and after pictures. The link to my Instagram is at the top of this page. 

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