Week 3: New Year Declutter Challenge

We are in the bedrooms this week. Clothes… lots of clothes. One thing that you can skip this week is closets. We will do doing those next week.

I started in the master bedroom for my declutter. The biggest declutter spot in my room is the dresser. It had become out of control.

I literally emptied it out and started over. It was overwhelming but it was necessary to see what was really stuffed in there.

Blanket got refolded as well as sheets and pillow cases. I found some of Kiddo’s bedding in my room.

Next I followed the KoniMari method of folding clothes.

There are videos for folding underwear, sweaters, shorts and tank top as well on Youtube.

Here is how my dresser started to look:

Everything is lined up and orderly. Now I can find just what I am looking for in one glance.

I want to get some little boxes and contain some of the smaller items. That will have to happen later.

I will do the same thing to my son’s clothes in his dresser and in our office where my husband keeps most of his clothes. My husband and son don’t have time to sort through and re-fold their clothes so I will do it for them. It it can be tricky to sort through someone else’s belongings. I might get rid of more than they would so…. I will pick a time when will be available for snippets of time and ask them if they want to keep certain items.

Storage is limited in a small house so we have a few boxes under our beds and they will be sorted and re-organized as well. I have gotten rid of one box entirely already.

Here is how my dresser looked when I was all done. Orderly. Pleasant to look at. Everything has a home. I even found a stuffed teddy bear buried behind the stack of blankets. Now I don’t have to tear apart the dresser to find extra pillowcases or my flashy sunglasses.

Good luck with you bedroom declutter!! Share your experience in the comments below or on The Titled Italian’s Facebook page.

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Happy Decluttering!!

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