Week 4: New Year Declutter Challenge

This week we are in the closets…. hall closet, linen closet, bedroom closets.

Continue folding and keep the things that “spark joy”.

My master bedroom closets is a sore spot with me. It is tiny. We moved from a house where my husband had a closet and I had my own closet (a beautiful walk in closet). Now we share a closet…. a small closet. He keeps some of his clothes in our office closet so only his really good clothes are in our shared closet.

I have changed to a minimalist capsule wardrobe… basics (black and navy blue pieces) with a couple splashes of color (red and turquoise). Not a lot of extras. Almost every thing can be worn together to create an outfit. Hubby and son have joined in the movement to having less clothes as well. They picked their basics and their accent color(s) and buy what matches. I have been known to swipe a shirt out of their closets because it matches my outfit.

I thought these containers this summer. Each of them is filled with folded shirts (one short sleeved and the other long sleeved).

Sunday, Hubby and I went through the closet again just to make sure there wasn’t something in there that needed to be discards. We were surprised to find there was quite a bit that we weren’t using and could be given to charity. Hubby gave a few things to Kiddo of his wardrobe.

Later this week I will be “assisting” Kiddo declutter his bedroom closet. He has an even tinier closet. He is in the midst of a whole room redecorate. He still has one major project to complete. I will share pictures when he is done. High school is almost over… he won’t be playing sports in college. It is time to make room for new adventures (snowboarding, fishing and hiking).

Check back next week…. we will be in the bathrooms decluttering.

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